CHAPTER 77

           Chico, California


Welcome to our RPEA Chapter 77 website in Chico, California! If you are interested in becoming a member of RPEA, please visit our About RPEA section, where you can learn about who we are and what we do. The Join RPEA section includes a printer friendly application form.

RPEA is a non-profit association of retirees and active employees who are members of the California Public Retirement System (CalPERS). Our mission is important:

  1. RPEA represents all public employees - classified schools, public agencies, and state.

  2. RPEA is liaison between retirees and CalPERS.

  3. RPEA is a mutual protective association for all beneficiaries of CalPERS.

  4. RPEA fights to maintain our current pension and health care benefits and improve these benefits every year.

  5. RPEA has local chapters in your area - attend meetings to stay informed and hear interesting speakers.

While we encourage participation in one of our 87 chapters, most of our members participate by reading our bi-monthly newsletter, giving us feedback on their needs, and enrolling in one or more of our "members only" insurance programs.

At $5.00 per month, RPEA is a bargain hard to resist. We need you and you need us — to support our fight to protect our pensions and benefits.